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Freitag, 22. Juli 2005, 13:55

Heute was neues aus Russland

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Habe folgende Mail erhalten, evtl. hilft das auch anderen weiter:

> Hi there,
> Just saw your site while I was browsing for CN+. I'm relly pleased that
> you have very usefull site about Fiat Stilo. I would appreciate if you
> can help me solve my problem. I my self have Stilo Abarth 2002 with CN+.
> Unfortunately while trying to update CN+ with v9.8 unit stop working. I
> assume that somehow I erased software in eprom. Is there possibility to
> flash eprom with software? or do you know where I can purchase new CN+
> over internet. I'm from Serbia but temporary work in Russia.
> Thakns in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Mladjen Krcevinac

Meine Antwort darauf:

Hello Mladjen Krcevinac,

thanx for visiting my Homepage.
Sorry, my english is not the best......
At the Software Update - dont turn off the CN+ !!

The Problem:
CN+ its a little Computer.
Is the Update not ok, the Boot Software in the Flash Memory are killed.
At the Restart, the CN+ don't know what to do......
The Flash Memory is soldert on the Mainboard, no Socket to change.

Have your Stilo Warranty - your Dealer can change the CN+ 1:1 ?

The only Place to buy a CN+ without the Fiat Company is www.ebay.de or .com .......
At time to time are Auction with CN+ online, 500-700 Euro depending upon accessories.


You buy another CN+, it must be a "Abarth CN+". The Parc Distance Control and other
electronic Components works only with a CN+ for a Abarth !!



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